Fund Development

Every growing organization needs a reliable stream of funding. I research and write grants, design sponsorship campaigns and assist with donor relations planning.

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Strategic Planning

A solid strategic plan can be a map for the future, with the where, when and how  your organization will reach its fullest potential. Stable and expanding nonprofits need an active strategic plan.

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Marketing and Communications

A clean, direct communications and marketing plan can make it possible to reach your outreach and income goals. A strategic focus on who your donors, members and target audience are and what they desire, will set you in the right direction without wasting resources.

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Is consulting right for your organization?

Organizations choose consulting for many reasons. Often they need expertise for a project that they do not currently have. As a consultant, I approach these projects in two different ways: I complete the work independently and/or I train you on strategy and best practices so you will be able to complete similar projects yourself in the future.

At times, organizations also lack the people power to complete a project or plan an event. I can supplement your current staff or board to make deadlines easier with reliable quality.




Next Steps...

The best way to assess your need for a consultant is to discuss your organization's projects and challenges. Contact me for a free assessment.