Marketing & Communications

Cinderella with Children's Theater Company

When Children's Theater Company first produced their interpretation of Cinderella for Christmas 2010 I was charged with creating a marketing campaign that would communicate the unusual nature of the show. It was not your typical princess show. It included audience participation, pop music and broad humor embodied by the wicked stepsisters played by male actors in drag.

The show graphic designer and I created a marketing strategy that put the stepsisters front and center with our "Mistletoe Anyone" ad campaign, Facebook pages complete with posts about their celebrity crushes and a holiday letter direct from the wicked stepmother. It made a splash, we reached our aggressive sales goal and sold out the run of the show. Cinderella has become a CTC classic.

Marketing/Communications/Social Media

VocalEssence Welcome Christmas 2011

Welcome Christmas is an annual Christmas Concert series at VocalEssence. In 2011 the concert was going to include some lesser known and exciting French music. We wanted to give our audience a heads-up, as well as use it as a selling point for the concert.

In order to create awareness and excitement we created a YouTube video starring Bradley Greenwald. I created the script which included a humorous way to share our message and used a local film maker to create the piece. It was a social media hit (facebook, twitter, YouTube, website) and drove tickets sales to a sold out run.