Fund Development and Grant Writing

Funding is the key to quality programs and products. I research and write grants for all arenas of nonprofit work. My grants not only meet the requirements of the funder by also convey the heart of your organization. Funders respond to the creative quality of my writing and I receive funding at a higher rate than is the industry standard.

I use this same strategy in developing donor and sponsorship campaigns. In these cases, it is not only imperative that you express your organizations unique mission, you must also know exactly who you are querying and why they will find you mission irresistible. I focus on speaking the language of the donor in order to create solid, long lasting relationships with your organization.

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan can be used to manage multi-year organizational goals, departmental goals, projects and events. Often donors wish to see a strategic plan when considering funding. I create active strategic plans that do not get dusty on your shelf. To go through the effort and resource to create a strategic plan you never use is a waste of your time.

Each strategic plan is developed to meet the needs of your organization, with easy to follow task charts. The plan always starts with a strategy session in which we focus and simplify the goals of the plan. From there I create a plan that includes individual staff members, resource needs and deadlines for each task. I follow-up with you to make sure the plan is working and to revise as needed.

Communications and Marketing

Communications can be daunting work but, without it, your organization cannot survive. Communication with the press, on social media, or with your target audience and your board of directors should be individualized for each occasion. I create plans with psychographic models, timelines, sample language, targeted media and manageable goals. I also can do the work of the plan including: media release writing, press kits, letter writing, website strategy and creation of alternative media such as video, podcast and photography.

Marketing is communications with the goal of building participation and income. My plans provide effective strategy for each of your target audiences (based on age, sex, income and challenges) and include outreach through eye-catching direct mail, social media platforms, advertising and events. A marketing plan can be created for any budget.


Social Media Strategy

Social media is the key to awareness. I can provide strategy and content for multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and podcast. I also support website design with an image and copy scheme based on your goals.

IRS Filing and Governance

I have assisted more than 10 organizations in applying for and receiving their 501(c)3 Nonprofit Tax Exempt Status. As part of this process I can write your organization's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and other organizing documents. I can also advise you in board development and continued governance as you grow.


Next Steps...

The possibilities are endless, contact me to discuss what you have in mind.